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Gallery / Paradox

A position of self-contradiction.

There is nothing that can invoke inspiration such as the spirit and freedom that summer brings.

A combination of strong geometric lines that create softness, movement and manageability.

The versatility of the layers belie the true strength of their exteriors. Enhanced by the coolness of Nordic blondes – what more could one ask for in summer than “Paradox”?

Lexingtons are a salon known for the strength of their work, in cutting and colouring.

A completely blonde collection became a whole new challenge.

Paradox proved to be the right choice.

Received well by the local media, the general public and by the A.H.J.2000 Judges, Paradox earned for Larry the position of finalist for Western Australian Hairdresser of the year.

Paradox was also published in Passion Magazine and the International Hairdressers Journal”

Paradox #03

Paradox #01

Paradox #02