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For over 35 years, KMS California have been fusing technology and nature to bring you 9 innovative product lines. Thanks to their diverse range it’s easy to find a product to suit your needs and our stylists are always happy to talk to you about which one would be best for your hair.

Tame Frizz

The newest product line from KMS instantly reduces frizz up to 100% and controls humidity for up to three days making your hair easier to handle.

Hair Stay

This is a multi purpose collection of products suitable for all types of hair. Hair Stay is all about style retention, control and durability.

Hair Play

This range of creative products is all about building texture and bulk for style ready hair.

Colour Vitality

The Colour Vitality line keeps colour looking flawless for longer and includes a special blond shampoo that defeats brassiness and illuminates blond tones

Moist Repair

Moist Repair provides moisture and repair for dry, damaged hair without adding weight to the hair.

Silk Sheen

Especially formulated for dull, coarse hair Silk Sheen provides inatsant shine for a natural, polished and instant shine.

Free Shape

The Free Shape product line is designed to protect the hair from heat styling and to help styles last until the next wash.

Head Remedy

Head Remedy provides scalp relief for those with sensitive scalps or dandruff.

Add Volume

Devised for fine, lifeless, thinning hair, the Add Volume products increase volume, body and fullness.

Curl Up

Infused with curl enriching moisturizers and nutrients, Curl up is designed for the control and definition of naturally curly or wavy hair.